The Cause

Matthew 25:40 is changing lives

For one simple donation, you can change the life of a child forever! Our community charity raises funds through sponsorship, where we promote word-of-mouth to ask people just like you for a contribution. Every dollar counts.

A growing problem worldwide

350 million children in the world don’t have enough food to eat. 10,000 children die from hunger every day. Matthew 25:40 is a community charity that changes this reality by feeding and educating as many children as possible with the help of your simple donation of 30 dollars per month.


One dollar a day can provide a child with food and a christian education as well as learning God’s Word. One single act of kindness will turn children’s lives around and give them hope for the future – giving them food and education so they won’t be forced to sell themselves into slavery just to survive. I know this sounds so odd, but children all over the world are falling into drug and sex trafficking just so they don’t become a statistic.