Matthew 25:40 started as a good idea from Pastor Tom Donovan in May of 2022.  It has gone through many phases as the Lord kept bringing one piece after another to fruition.

M 25 Forty  started with one school that was in need of help to keep the doors open. Matthew 25:40 was launched to strictly provide school fees.This was our only goal as the ministry began, however since our trip to Uganda I have gotten married here, became a Pastor, and spend my days teaching and preaching the bible.

The ministry has turned into an amazing opportunity to help children, but it has become so much more than that. We are not only helping with school fees, but we provide food daily, help with food and school supplies as needed.  The ministry has become a life support that is changing their lives on a daily basis.

It’s Only $30 a Month To Change A Child’s Life Forever: