Truly transforming lives

Matthew 25:40 is a community charity, with a simple mission – to help children have food, go to Christian school, and grow in God’s word.

Every day, an estimated 10,000 children die because they were born into a situation without enough food. Matthew 25:40 helps these children by getting them into a Christian School where they get 2 meals a day, get a full christian education, and learn God’s Word!

God says “feed my kids”

Matthew 25:40 collects and distributes 90% of all sponsorships to the vetted hands of churches and ministries that we work hand in hand with. Our team seeks out the most in need and effective churches and ministries to support and provide emotional financing for food, school fees, and God’s Word.

Community charity? Count me in.

Do your part for others by simply choosing and hitting any of your routine goals – there’s something for everyone! It’s easy, social and completely achievable no matter where you are or what your future looks like

Reaping the rewards of giving

You don’t know what your future will look like but guess what? Neither do we! That doesn’t mean that your good deeds should go unnoticed.