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Uganda Child Sponsorships

My name is Pastor Tom Donovan and before I became a Pastor I went to Calvary Chapel Entebbe in Uganda with Pastor Kevin Henesey from Calvary Chapel Island of Grace in New York. On this mission trip we were strictly coming to meet the pastors and put on a refreshing retreat for them as they had just come out of Covid and somewhat of a church restructuring. 

We all know how Uganda is an extremely poor country and is struggling economically, we also know that in the world there are millions of children living in poverty, with no food and nowhere to go. Our initial intent was to help these children economically, but THE LORD had a different plan.  What has happened has been from the Lord and only the Lord could have done this. 

The Matthew 25:40 Ministry started with 1 school that needed funding to help the doors of the school stay open so they could continue to provide a solid biblical education to those in need.  The sponsorship program was launched to strictly provide school fees, 2 meals a day, and get an opportunity to witness to the children.  This was my goal when the ministry began, however since my initial trip to Uganda I have married a Ugandan, I Pastor here, teach the Bible, run evangelism outreaches and do all that I can do to forward the Gospel. 

The Matthew 25:40 ministry has turned into an amazing opportunity to help children, but it has become so much more than that. We are not only endlessly paying school fees and providing food daily, buying school uniforms and school supplies. The program has become a life support and system to rebuild the child and the parents lives, to give them the opportunity that so many of us have experienced growing up.  We have the opportunity to help the child financially but while we are doing that we are spiritually feeding them.  We not only get to minister to both schools a couple times each month, but discipleship programs are starting to help the children grow spiritually, we also meet with the child’s parents each month and run a bible study with them as well as run community groups to stay in touch with them and keep them reading the word of God.

We have given both schools the opportunity to accept Jesus as Lord and both schools have over a 90% acceptance rate.  We have also baptized both schools and have given every student a new bible and have encouraged them and their parents to read through the bible with us in our annual bible challenge. 

Just when I was like WOW God look what you’ve done, the Lord brought yet another element to the sponsorship program that has given us the ability to truly and openly speak directly into the family unit.  We now have God Cares Christian Secondary school in Kampala sponsoring any child that graduates from our program (Either School) with a division 1 or division 2 grade average.  

It’s Only $30 a Month To Change A Child’s Life Forever:
Sponsor A Child Today and They Will Receive:

– A Biblical Education
– A Christian Schooling
– 2 Meals A Day (6 Days a week)
– A School Uniform
– School Supplies
– A Parent Back In Their Life
– A Full 6 Years Of Secondary School
(When They Meet Minimum Requirements)


Calvary Chapel Christian School

God Speak Christian School

(Matthew 25:40)

“And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’